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For 64 years of activity the Institute has developed projects of oil and gas facilities in the countries of former USSR, Cuba, Vietnam, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Laos. The specialists performed the operations for development of the Black, Azov, Caspian, South China, Pechora, Barents, Baltic Sea and Atlantic Ocean shelf. Today the main regions of LLC Institute SHELF activity are Ukraine, Russia, the shelves of the Pechora, Black, Azov and Caspian sea.

The Atlantic Ocean Shelf

  • The construction of fixed offshore platforms on Marbella and Kupey (Cuba) fields;
  • The construction of deepwater platform for ocean investigations.

The South China Sea Shelf

  • The construction of oil pipeline on White Tiger Tuy-Ha field;
  • The construction of pipelines between fixed offshore platforms;
  • The construction of fixed offshore platforms;
  • The preliminary design of Daihung field construction variants, sea depth -110 m.

The Caspian Sea Shelf

  • The construction of fixed offshore platforms for Banka Lam field (Turkmenistan).

The Pechora Sea Shelf

  • Designing of experimental ice-resistant fixed platform for exploratory drilling and industrial operation on Prirazlomnoe field

The Baltic Sea Shelf

  • The construction of oil field ?-3 (Poland);
  • Designing of pipeline and ice-resistant platform for simultaneous drilling and production on Kravtsovskoie field (D-6).

The Barents Sea Shelf

  • The construction of pipeline to the oil single buoy mooring of Varandey oil offloading terminal;
  • Designing of pipeline for gas condensate Shtokmanovskoie field shore
  • Designing of ice-resistant anti-iceberg platform with dividing jacket for sea depth -330 m on Shtokmanovskoie field

The Gulf of Aden Shelf (Indian Ocean)

  • The construction of single buoy mooring, underwater part of Ayad oil pipeline (Yemen).

The Black Sea Shelf

  • The construction of Lebed field shore subsea pipeline (Rumania);
  • The geotechnical survey for exploratory drilling on Bulgaria shelf;
  • Feasibility study of Blue Stream gas pipeline construction from Russia to Turkey;
  • The construction of Golitsino-shore subsea pipeline;
  • The construction of fixed offshore platforms for Selskogo, Golitsino, Shmidta, Obitochnaya, Karkinitskaya, Pionerskaya, Shtormovaya, Obrucheva, Karkinitskaya, Oktyabrskaya, Geologicheskaya, Pribrezhnaya, Neizvestnaya, Seismorazvedochnaya, Beregovaya structures.
  • The construction of Shtormovoie and Golitsynskoie offshore field;
  • The construction of Yarilgach Port drilling base (Crimea);
  • The construction of fixed offshore platforms for Shtormovoie and Golitsynskoie fields;
  • The construction of satellite platform on Shmidt structure;
  • The construction of Odesskoie and Bezymyannoie gas field;
  • The construction of Subbotina oil field at Prikerchenskoie site.

The Azov Sea Shelf

  • The construction of fixed offshore ice-resistant platform for Beisugskoie, Zapadno- Beisugskoie, Strelkovoie, Vostochno-Kazantipskoie gas fields, Severo-Kerchenskaya structure;
  • The construction of Strelkovoie, Beisugskoie, Vostochno-Kazantipskoie and Severo-Bulganakskoie gas fields (subsea well completion).

Russian Federation (actual onshore projects)

  • The development of Vostochno-Rogozinskoie and Severo-Masterelskoie oil fields;
  • The reconstruction of Mikun, Myshkin, Griazovets gas compressor stations of Ukhta-Torjok gas pipeline;
  • The development of Kudryashevskoie and Volodarskoie oil fields.

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