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Our services:

• Research works
• Engineering and survey works
• Design works
• Engineering works

Research works

1. Development works on construction of offshore hydraulic structures
2. Studies and researches in the field of:
- Operations management;
- Cost estimates and norms;
- CAD systems;
- Environmental protection, including:

Substantiation of objects ecological and industrial safety at construction norms and rules development;

Environmental monitoring projects development;

Studies and researches on problems of emissions inventorization , air pollution, emission volumes determination for enterprises, organizations and population, business entities;

Risks assessment and operational hazard levels;

- Feasibility studies and developments for all oil and gas complex;
- Researches expertise.

Complex surveys:
- Topographical surveys;
- Engineering-geological surveys;
- Engineering – hydrometeorological surveys;
- Electrical- research works;
- Engineering – ecological surveys.

Design Works

1. Execution of general contractor and subcontractor functions on designing of onshore and offshore industrial, auxiliary and civil building facilities, including:
- Trunk oil and gas product pipelines and pipe branches from them;
- Compressor stations;
- Gas processing plants;
- Oil and gas fields development and construction;
- Underground gas storages development and construction;
- NGV-refuelling compressor stations;
-Group liquefied gas bases;
- Warehouses;
- Field and trunk oil and gas product pipelines facilities;

2. All stages technical documentation development:
- Offshore hydraulic structures without weight restriction, for hydrocarbon resources exploration, production and development on the continental shelf;
- Nonstandard equipment;
- Fixed offshore platforms and floating technical structures for hydrocarbon resources exploration, production and development on the continental shelf reconstruction, upgrading and modification;
- Onshore and offshore wildcat, exploratory, production construction designing and environmental impact assessment sections for them.
3. Design works on technical re-equipment, reconstruction and modernization of oil and gas complex facilities.


1. Technical survey and certification of safety and reliable exploitation of buildings and structures, trunk gas pipelines and structures at their territories, engineering heat and water supply networks.
2. Design estimates expertise.
3. Investment intentions and construction feasibility studies development.
4. Construction-and-assembling operations engineering supervision.
5. Field supervision for precommissioning at the oil and gas complex facilities.
6. Tender bids development.


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