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Social Responsibility:
        Social Responsibility

By its activity LLC Institute Shelf makes a social contribution to the society. Hydrocarbon fields development and oil and gas infrastructure construction influence directly on the living conditions, countrys energy security and creation of prerequisites for economics development.
It was during existence of the USSR and at present times as well. The major part of projects having been executed by our specialists and being at the stage of designing solve the problem of natural gas supplying for population and industry, assisting in energy resources increase and is aimed at construction of storage and transportation facilities for the purpose of users provision by quality products at proper time.
In addition, by the task of NJSC Neftegaz of Ukraine, Institute develops departmental construction norms and industrial standards of Ukraine, that increase the quality of operation and reliability of fuel and energy complex activity.
The Institutes staff made a big contribution to the development of Crimea gasification. Under the Institutes projects trunk gas-and-oil pipelines, pipeline branches and gas-distribution stations (GDS) were constructed to Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Bakhchisaray, Eupatoria, Djankoy, Saki and other settlements.

At present in the Crimea 37 GRS, trunk gas pipelines, with length more than 1000 km, marine pipelines, with length more than 300 km constructed under the Institutes project are in operation.

Gas pipelines for Sevastopol and Djankoy-Feodosia-Kerch, diameter -500 mm, length -268 km are pt into commission. Three GDS, seven walkers houses, three pipeline walkers houses, maintenance point are included in pipeline for Feodossia, ARP for Kerch and other structures. In 2005 Institutes specialists developed peninsulas gasification scheme that was approved by Council of Ministers of Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Continuation of gas fields construction on the shelf of the Black and Azov seas, projects of which are developed by LLC Institute Shelf its strengthening of regional gas system that will supply gas not only to Crimea but will provide an opportunity of gas supplying to the south of Ukraine.


Design and survey institutes are very important for ecology. Design and technical solutions directly determine future influence of an object on environment prior to construction. Accordingly LLC Institute Shelf is aware of its specialists responsibility, whose main task is not only maximum satisfaction of customers demands but environmental and social requirements as well. The main purpose of LLC Institute Shelf in the field of environmental protection is systematic and regular improving of technological and engineering solutions that prevent environmental pollution and provide safety dwelling of population on the territories adjacent to objects under design.

The Institute accepts the following responsibilities:

  • reduction of wastes and natural resources depletion;
  • air pollutants discharge reduction or prevention;
  • facilities designing, taking into account minimization of its effect on environment during its production, operation and utilization;
  • environment monitoring;
  • minimization of any new developments significant adverse effects on environment;
  • employees and community ecological ideology development.

Target exploitation, as a rule, is estimated by ecological factors, such as:

  • Raw materials and energy consumption;
  • emissions, such as CO2, volume;
  • wastes per finished product unit;
  • effectiveness of materials and energy use;
  • ecologically dangerous situations number (for example, ultimate permissible parameters exceeding);
  • ecologically dangerous emergencies number (for example, unexpected emissions, disposals);
  • wastes recycling percentage;
  • vehicles kilometrage per finished product unit;
  • certain pollutants quantity, for example NOx, SO2, CO, saturated hydrocarbons, Pb, Cs, Hg and others;
  • environmental protection investments;
  • quantity of documentation returned for revision;
  • designed projects influence prevention on the natural-reserved fund.

LLC Institute Shelf considers requirements of the following standards and normative documents in its activities:

  • ISO 14001-1996 International standard. Ecological management system. Specification and operation guide ;
  • ISO 14001-1996 International standard. Ecological management system. General guiding supplements on the systems principles and support tools.
  • international conventions, treaties, agreements, signed and ratified by Ukraine:
    • Convention on the Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (Geneva, 1979);
    • Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Finland, 1991);
    • Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro, 1992);
    • The United Nations Conference on Climate Change (Rio-de-Janeiro, 1992);
    • Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern, 1979);
    • Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Denmark, 1998);

Directive on the combating of air pollution from industrial plants, 84/360/EEC;
DSTU ISO 9000-1-95 National Standard of Ukraine. Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards. Part 1. Guideline on selection and application;
- DSTU ISO 9000-1-95 National Standard of Ukraine. Quality System. Quality Assurance Model at Designing, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing;
- DSTU 1.2-93 Ukrainian National Standardization System . National Standards Development Order;
- DSTU 1.2-93 Ukrainian National Standardization System. Enterprise Standard. General Provisions;
- DSTU 1.2-93 Ukrainian National Standardization System. General Requirements to Structure, Presentation, Preparation and Contents of Standards;
- DBN.2.2-1-95 Ukrainian national construction code. Material composition and content environmental assessment (OVOS) at designing and construction of enterprises, buildings and structures. Design main principles;
- DBN .2.2-3-97 Ukrainian national construction code. Designing. Project documentation contents, procedure of development, coordination and approval for construction;
- laws of Ukraine in the field of environmental protection:
Environmental Protection;
Ecological Expertise;
Population Sanitary and Epidemic Well-Being Provision;
Land Code of Ukraine;
Water Code of Ukraine
Forest Code of Ukraine;
Ambient Air Protection;
Natural-reserved fund;
High Risk Facilities;
- Instruction on contents and procedure of pollutant emission inventarization at the enterprises of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety report drawing up;
- OND-86. Calculation procedure of atmospheric pollutant emissions concentration contained in enterprises wastes. L., Gidrometeoizdat, 1987.;
- Procedures Book on Calculation procedure of atmospheric pollutant emissions by different enterprises. L., Gidrometeoizdat, 1986.;
- Procedures Book on Calculation procedure of pollutant contents in emissions from non-organized contamination source. Donetsk, UkrNTEK, 2000.;
- STP 02.001-00 (Enterprise Standard)- Quality Manual .

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