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Quality Management System (QMS):

LLC Institute SHELF aim is to satisfy existing and prospective needs and expectations of concerned parties (consumers, final users, institutes staff, investors, society in the form of different unions and state structures) and aspires to constant improvement of institutes activity.

The institutes activity is focused on performing of designing, surveying and engineering of onshore and offshore hydrocarbon drilling and production, preparation and transportation facilities:

  • management and technology of executed works;
  • construction technical documentations development;

The Institutes Quality management system aim is not only to support internal QMS at a high level, but to assist in the application of advanced technological solutions in industry.

For supporting its general policy and strategy LLC Institute SHELF uses Quality management system, which satisfies the requirements of international quality standards ISO 9001 and DSTU ISO 9001.

The certification of conformity is issued to LLC Institute SHELF by Russian maritime register of shipping in 2001 and confirmed in 2006.
The acknowledgement of our high quality standards observance is uninterrupted and effective operation of hundreds of oil and gas industry offshore and onshore facilities of CIS, neighboring countries and abroad, which were constructed under the institutes projects and successfully operate decades of years, providing energy safety of their own countries.

As an example to the above mentioned we can mention the severe storm, which led to the numerous shipwrecks in Black Sea in November 2007. The operation of such marine facilities as fixed offshore platforms and drilling platform facilities on Shtormovoie, Galitsino and Arhangelskoie fields, subsea gas pipelines which were constructed under the institutes projects was not interrupted for a moment, there werent any damages.

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