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Main Projects :

During Institute functioning under its projects more than 115 petroleum tank farms, hundreds of gas distribution and compressor stations, thousand kilometers of trunk oil and gas pipelines, three underground gas storages, twenty fixed offshore platforms, 80 hydrocarbon fields were constructed, 40 service stations and NGV-refuelling compressor stations were built. Activities regions are: CIS countries, Cuba, Vietnam, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Yemen, and Afghanistan. The Institute has developed projects for the Black, Azov, Caspian, South-China, Pechora, Barents, Baltic seas and the Atlantic ocean.


Kotelevskoie gas condensate filed

Cycling process application allows to produce thousand tons of condensate additionally. The problem of associated produced water disposal with use of waste water treatment plant is solved.

Yablunovskoie gas condensate field

Restricted sand areas alluviation for formation of sequential process of wells drilling and their further operation.

Lychkovskoie oil, gas condensate field

Application of specially designed additives provided production, treatment and transportation of high-wax oil with pour point - 40?C.

Shtormovoie gas condensate filed in the Black sea

For the first time fixed offshore platform jacket structure was created, in which its superstructure (sommer) functioning as block-modules, i.e. sections onshore being fitted with equipment and integrated like this into jacket.

Arkhangelskoie gas field in the Black sea

Step-by-step platform construction, at the beginning of which some wells are drilled in one of the blocks with the help of jack-up drilling rig, then the other jacket and deck are added, on which equipment necessary for operation is the field commissioning.

Vostochno-Kazantipskoie gas field in the Azov sea

Iceresistant mobile multi-use platform without constant crew for installation on silt of big thickness, with jacket transportation by afloat towage to the installation site.

Severo-Bulganakskoie gas field in the Azov sea

Development of the field (without use of a platform), located 20 km offshore, with sea depth 10 m, with the help of subsea well completion and onshore gas transportation by subsea pipeline.

Prirazlomnoie field in the Pechora sea

Designing of experimental ice-resistant platform for exploratory drilling and industrial operation.

Shokmanovskoie gas condensate field in the Barents sea

Designing of ice-resistant, anti-iceberg platform with dividing jacket for 330 m depth.

Mashevskoie gas condensate field

Novo-Ukrainskoie oil field

Daihung field (Vietnam)

Preliminary design of the field construction, sea depth 110 m.

Banka Lam field in the Caspian sea (Turkmenistan)

Fixed compact platform construction

Marbella field in the Atlantic ocean (Cuba)

Vostochno-Rogozinskoie and Severo-Masterelskoie oil fields

Kudryashevskoie and Volodarskoie oil fields.

Kravtsovskoie oil field (D-6) in the Baltic sea

Designing of ice resistant platform for simultaneous drilling and production.

Subbotina oil field in the Black sea

Oil production platform construction with crude onshore transportation - IOGTU (Integrated Oil and Gas Treatment Unit) for further export to the tank farm. The project is at the feasibility study confirmation stage.

Odesskoie and Bezymyannoie gas fields in the Black sea

Fields development with use of subsea wells completion and their connection to the unmanned fixed platform.

Storage an offloading :

Varandey oil offloading terminal

Two strings of subsea pipeline construction in the permafrost conditions and complicated relief from terminal to oil single point mooring buoy, located 22 km offshore.

Single buoy mooring , Ayad subsea oil pipeline in Yemen.

Glebovskoie Underground Gas Storage (UGS) in the Crimea (1-st phase active volume 1 billion m3)

Krasnodarskoie Underground Gas Storage (UGS) (1-st phase active volume o,5 billion m3)

Karadagskoie Underground Gas Storage (UGS) in Azerbaijan
(1-st phase active volume 1 billion m3)


Golitsino field -shore, Shtormovoie field -shore in the Black sea, Vostochno-Kazantipskoie field -shore, Severo-Bulganakskoie field-shore gas pipelines

Subsea gas pipelines installation for sea depth up to 70 m by method of free immersion with the help of supporting pontoons automatic disconnection.

Shebelinka-Dnepropetrovsk-Krivoi Rog-Izmail gas pipeline

950 km

Ananev Tiraspol- Izmail gas pipeline

460 km

Marevka- Kherson- Crimea gas pipeline

161 km

Djankoi-Feodossia- Kerch gas pipeline

255 km

Mikun, Gryazovets, Myshkin compressors stations for Ukhtna- Torzhok gas pipeline

Kravtsovskoie field (D-6) shore pipeline in the Baltic sea

Shtokmanovskoie gas condensate field- shore pipeline in the Barents sea, sea depth

350 m

Baydaratskaya Bay pipeline crossing

Pipelines for Chernovetskiy, Staro-Osskolskiy and Novo-Oskolskokiy metallurgical complexes

Lebed shore field pipeline in the Black sea (Rumania)

Okha Komsomolsk-on-Amur Khabarovsk gas pipeline with Nevelsky Strait crossing

1100 km

Yalta Phoros- Sevastopol (South coast of Crimea) trunk gas pipeline

Gas pipeline construction, 83 km length, in the rock of Ai-Petri plateau, at heights alteration up to 1000 m, with forestland and karst cavities bypassing. The project is at the stage of construction.

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