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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

By appraisals of the biggest oil and gas production companies, the major part of hydrocarbon production in the nearest 20-30 years will be carried out in seas and oceans. Due to practical experience of operations on the continental shelf of former USSR Institute Shelf is one of a few CIS designing organizations which is able of solving complicated problems, connected with offshore fields development. Thats why we proceed with increase of scientific and technical potential for participation in big projects on hydrocarbons development in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

History of Institute Shelf, which was founded in 1944, is closely connected with the history of restoration and development of the USSR oil and gas complex. After the Great Patriotic War we have participated in its infrastructure restoration, later in its development. We have taken part in projects on export pipeline construction, development of gas supply system inside and outside the country, found effective technical solutions for increase of oil and gas production in the existing fields and development of new regions of hydrocarbons production. During this period Institute skilled professionals had got huge practical experience which has demonstrated that in some kinds of designing our Institute is unique in CIS up to nowadays.

Today Institute Shelf keeps on being one of the leaders in oil and gas industry of CIS countries in designing of subsea oil and gas pipelines, hydrocarbon fields development on the continental shelf. Projects on Varandey single point buoy mooring oil loading terminal and ice-resistant platform construction for Prorazlomnoie gas condensate field in the Barents sea, Subbotina oil field and Odesskoie and Bezymyannoie gas fields construction are in the process of development.

Its own potential increase is possible due to the fact that during last years we managed to fulfill the important task saving and consolidation of Institute staff the main wealth of our enterprise. Wide experience of our specialists, their skills, talent, innovative technologies application and engineering and scientific equipment and software of last generation use all that allows our Institute to execute the complete cycle of operations at the level of leading international design centers.

With respect,
LLC Institute Shelf Director General
R.A. Azimov

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