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The impetuous reconstruction of the USSR oil and gas complex after the World War II, later creation of export and internal transport infrastructure, development of new fields, and at last, the beginning of offshore field and attendant infrastructure development demanded from institutes specialists both professionalism and responsibility, but the research of new nonstandard decisions as well. Thats why during our work we got rich practical experience and have huge number of our own inventions. This fact is confirmed by more than 300 patent licenses, issued by USSR State Committee on Inventions and Discoveries, RF Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, State Department of Intellectual Property of Department of Education and Science in Ukraine. Some of the inventions are listed below:

  • The Offshore Multi-leg Platform, 1048041;
  • The Device for Pipe Laying on the Seabed, 1145202;
  • The Jacket of Fixed Offshore Platform, 1351995;
  • The Artificial Island, 1015040;
  • The Cementing Method of Offshore Well Riser 1456537;
  • The Ice-Breaking Device, 1477831;
  • The Subsea Oil Pipeline, 1508019;
  • The Ice Resistant Offshore Platform, 1770522;
  • The Directional Wells Cementing Method, 1781413;
  • The Float for Pipeline Supporting, 1767269;
  • The Pipeline Installation by Pipe-in-Pipe Method, 1687994;
  • The Leakage Elimination at Subsea Pipeline Damage, 1508019;
  • The Subsea Breakwater, 1618816;
  • The Mobile Offshore Platform for Arctic Conditions, 1668553;
  • The Subsea Oil-Spill Boat for Pipeline Leakage Localization, 1731902;
  • The Fixed Offshore Platform for Well Cluster Drilling, 1768701;
  • The Device for Subsea Pipeline Installation, 1752881.

The latest inventions of institutes specialists are related to the field development of freezing Azov Sea based on unmanned platform method and subsea well completion method, that gives an opportunity to practice the development variants of north huge offshore fields of RF. These are The ice-resistant jacket of offshore drilling platform and The mat structure (for construction of subsea oil and gas facilities on the shallow water with big silt thickness of bed).

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